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Business Matching

The Leading Standard in Smart Matchmaking

Jublia specialises in matching people and content to create successful business matching and effective content discovery, at your events. We do this through a data-driven approach built on the foundation of an intelligent recommendations platform.

The 360° approach

Jublia Match 360° is an industry leading matchmaking platform that is well proven in over 1800+ events globally with a comprehensive end-to-end business matching process. Intelligence is built around the full process cycle. easily establishing relevant matches, resulting in fruitful targeted meetings that ensure audience satisfaction at your event.

Fully Branded App

Jublia’s Fully Branded Event App is designed to act as a co-pilot to any event attendee’s journey, with powerful features purposefully built for a satisfying content experience and delightful content discovery. It is also deeply integrated with Jublia’s other flagship, Match 360°, to ensure that your audience engages with a unified and seamless App.

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